NMB Gateway for Parcel

NMB’s Gateway for Parcel introduces a host of Parcel and LTL enhancements to standard Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain (Operations) shipping modules. Our solution focuses on improving your supply chain’s visibility and scalability with features that simplify and streamline your operation’s shipping workflow from start to finish. It enables companies to pack and ship smarter, reducing time and cost per package while providing delivery and shipping charge estimates to customers.

Gateway for Parcel offers a powerful solution with its Packing Workbench, which brings easy-to-use, pre-configured workflows to your operation via an easy-to-deploy, step-by-step process. It also eliminates double-keying in D365 and your carrier systems, saving you time and reducing entry errors.

Our Solution is designed to help you meet the demands and expectations of your customers by seamlessly integrating with multi carrier and service models, granting you complete control over where and how their packages are being sent around the world. The solution communicates with carriers and partners in real-time through dedicated API integrations, ensuring uninterrupted data flow.

Gateway for Parcel includes the most advanced rate-shopping engine on the market that can connect to your e-commerce operation. It ensures your customers are getting the best rate for every shipment, and every delivery. For every shipment, the system selects the best service option that meets your customer’s timeframes at the lowest cost and also provides the flexibility to accommodate customer preferences.


Solution at a Glance:

Native Microsoft Experience – Embedded in Dynamics 365, the familiar user experience makes on-boarding and training quick and seamless

Packing Workbench – Optimize shipping processes and automate pick & pack workflows

Dynamic Rate Shopping – Automatically select the best rate and service options to meet delivery timeframes

API Integration – Real time communication to carriers for rates and services

NMB Data Insights – Performance KPIs utilizing Power BI

Flexible International Rules Engine (FIRE) – FIRE automatically creates the right documentation for export compliance