NMB Gateway for TMS

NMB’s Gateway for Transportation Management System (TMS) is a tailor-made solution designed for Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain (Operations) users. Our TMS solution incorporates robust functionality drawn from the industry’s best-of-breed TMS offerings. It catalyzes shippers seeking to expand their fleet infrastructure and streamline business processes while enhancing service quality. The platform seamlessly connects to multiple carriers, fostering collaboration within a vibrant community environment ultimately granting companies access to an expanded carrier capacity. With its global capabilities, this TMS solution ensures compliance and offers complete visibility into the supply chain and access to industry data, facilitating compliance with multi-regional regulations and guidelines.

Gateway for TMS offers a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to transportation management within a single, unified workflow. This approach empowers businesses with unparalleled visibility across their entire transportation network. When deploying alongside a dedicated TMS, companies typically save between 5% and 10% of their freight spend within the first year.

Through Gateway for TMS, Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain (Operations) users seamlessly integrate with a TMS platform, benefitting from a singular, consistent operational workflow. The integration equips users with the tools to plan loads across all modes efficiently, leverage automated load building and tendering, and optimize and consolidate shipments. The productized integration further enhances visibility, ensuring that all shipments and their various delivery events and statuses are readily accessible within Dynamics 365, enhancing operational transparency.

Solution at a Glance:

Integration to D365 – Seamless integration with D365 provides end to end visibility, reduces errors and boosts productivity

Advanced Automation – Leverage shipment planning automation replaces manual tasks and reduces operating expenses

Visibility – Advanced visibility technology that includes over-the-map tracking to know what lies ahead for enroute shipments. Manage and keep tabs on shipments and share real-time activity with partners

Advanced Optimization – Seamlessly turn orders into shipments without manual intervention utilizing algorithm-powered Load Optimization

All-Modes – Road, Rail, Ocean, Air, Fleet all within the same platform. Utilize automated and optimized routing guides to tender shipments to drayage, full truck load, less-than truckload and parcel carriers

Carrier Network – Secure capacity through a comprehensive network of trusted carriers and increase on-time delivery with arrival time estimations.


Gateway for TMS feature sheet