Ottawa, October 6, 2022 – NMB Solutions Inc., the leader in Microsoft Transportation Management System (TMS), Parcel, and Compliance solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of new versions of their celebrated D365 Finance and Supply Chain modules which are available on the Microsoft App Source.

NMB now has an offering geared for small to mid-size parcel shippers, bringing enterprise shipping functionality to the full D365 market. Through a new partnership, NMB now offers an extensive collection of European carrier integrations, bringing the native Microsoft experience Gateway for Parcel is known for to Europe.

NMB Gateway for TMS now offers North American mid-market customers an affordable and robust TMS Solution. The new version of Gateway for TMS provides a state-of-the-art, cloud-based solution that automates, streamlines, and optimizes your supply chain for maximum efficiency.

The new NMB Gateway for RPS (Restricted Party Screening) integrates to additional compliance partners, providing more options to D365 customers. Affordable and modular version allows D365 users to screen and validate their customers, shipments, items, and locations against a comprehensive set of sanction lists from around the world, including US and International governments, law enforcement, and global financial agencies – with full visibility of all results, and a complete audit trail to prove compliance.

NMB will be showcasing these new offerings at the North America Community Summit. Join Chris Winstanley, VP of Solutions for his presentation at Summit Wednesday, October 12 to get all of the details. Also, visit the NMB booth #814 to learn more. Partner showcase link:

About NMB Solutions Inc.

NMB Solutions is a global leader in Supply Chain and Compliance solutions for Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain, dedicated to helping companies around the world manage, optimize, and streamline their supply chain operations, supporting their journey to more profitable growth and higher customer satisfaction. As a Microsoft Gold Business Application Partner with over 20 years’ experience, NMB Solutions’ focus is on helping customers operate efficiently and effectively with the ability to react rapidly to changes in their supply chain, via deep, native integration between best of breed supply chain solutions and D365. Seamless functionality within D365 allows users to leverage the power of purpose-built supply chain platforms and applications to build a more robust, streamlined supply chain operation that’s ready to support their business today and into the future.